NWR Virtual Healthcare Conference – 21 & 22 March 2023

In conjunction with the Bioshares Biotech Summit

8:30am AEDT

Imricor (ASX: IMR)

Steve Wedan - President, CEO & Board Chair

Imricor has quickly grown to be the first and only company in the world to bring commercially viable and safe iCMR products to the catheter ablation market. As Imricor continues to grow and develop this market, its focus is and remains the improvement of ablation therapy for patients all around the world.

9:00am AEDT

Radiopharm Theranostics (ASX: RAD)

Vittorio Puppo - Chief Operating Officer

Radiopharm Theranostics is focused on the development of radiopharmaceutical products for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in areas of high unmet medical need.

9:40am AEDT

Anteris Technologies (ASX: AVR)

Wayne Paterson - CEO & Managing Director

Anteris Technologies Ltd is a structural heart company that delivers clinically superior and durable solutions through better science and better design. Anteris’ DurAVRTM 3D single-piece aortic heart valve replacement addresses the needs of today’s younger and more active aortic stenosis patients by delivering superior performance and durability through innovations designed to last the remainder of a patient’s lifetime.

10:20am AEDT

Microba Life Sciences (ASX: MAP)

Dr Luke Reid – CEO & Professor Trent Munro – VP of Therapeutics

Microba Life Sciences is a precision microbiome company driven to improve human health. With world-leading technology for measuring the human gut microbiome, Microba is driving the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for major chronic diseases and delivering gut microbiome testing services globally to researchers, clinicians, and consumers. Through partnerships with leading organisations, Microba is powering the discovery of new relationships between the microbiome, health and disease for the development of new health solutions.

11:40am AEDT

Investment Panel Session

Hosted by Mark Pachacz - Bioshares

Join a range of sector specialists to discuss the latest trends and observations in life sciences. Panelists include:
– Dr Tara Speranza – Equity Analyst, Bell Potter
– Reece O’Connell – Portfolio Manager, Merchant Funds Management
– Charles Williams – Managing Director, HB Biotechnology

12:20pm AEDT

Arovella Therapeutics (ASX: ALA)

Dr Michael Baker - CEO & Managing Director

Arovella Therapeutics is focused on developing therapies to treat human diseases. Arovella is developing its invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell therapy platform from Imperial College London to treat blood cancers and solid tumours.

1:00pm AEDT

Avecho Biotechnology (ASX: AVE)

Dr Paul Gavin - CEO

Avecho Biotechnology develops and commercialises innovative Human and Animal Health products using its proprietary drug delivery system called TPM® (Tocopherol Phosphate Mixture), derived from Vitamin E and proven to enhance the solubility and oral, dermal and transdermal absorption of drugs and nutrients. The company will soon commence a pivotal Phase III clinical trial for its proprietary cannabidiol (CBD) soft-gel capsule, with a view to being a first mover for over-the-counter CBD products.

1:40pm AEDT

ImmVirX (Private)

Dr Malcolm McColl - CEO, Co-Founder and Acting Chairman

ImmVirX is actively progressing its novel immuno-oncology agents towards first in human studies, targeting some of the most prevalent cancer types where patients have limited treatment options.

2:20pm AEDT

Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX: CHM)

Jennifer Chow - CEO & Managing Director

Chimeric Therapeutics, a clinical stage cell therapy company and an Australian leader in cell therapy, is focused on bringing the promise of cell therapy to life for more patients with cancer.

8:30am AEDT

Neurotech International (ASX: NTI)

Dr Thomas Duthy - Executive Director

Neurotech is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical development company focused predominately on paediatric neurological disorders. It has completed a Phase I/II clinical trial in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which demonstrated excellent safety and efficacy results, and has commenced a Phase II/III randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in ASD during Q4 CY2022.

9:00am AEDT

CurveBeam AI (Private)

Greg Brown - CEO

CurveBeam AI combines market leading point-of-care diagnostic cone beam CT imaging solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning AI (DLAI) expertise to deliver solutions across orthopedics and bone health (fragility fracture prevention).

9:40am AEDT

Aroa Biosurgery (ASX: ARX)

Brian Ward - Founder & CEO

Aroa Biosurgery is a soft-tissue regeneration company that develops, manufactures and distributes medical and surgical products to improve healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction.

10:20am AEDT

Lumos Diagnostics (ASX: LDX)

Doug Ward - CEO

Lumos Diagnostics specializes in rapid, cost-effective and complete point-of-care (POC) diagnostic test solutions to help healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose and manage medical conditions.

11:00am AEDT

Imugene (ASX: IMU)

Leslie Chong - CEO & Managing Director

Imugene is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing a range of new treatments that seek to activate the immune system of cancer patients to identify and eradicate tumors.

12:20pm AEDT

Vectus Biosystems (ASX: VBS)

Dr Karen Duggan - CEO

Vectus Biosystems is developing a treatment for fibrosis and high blood pressure, which includes the treatment for three of the largest diseases in the fibrotic market, namely heart, kidney and liver diseases.

1:00pm AEDT

Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals (ASX: PAR)

Paul Rennie - CEO

Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals is a late-stage drug development company with the mission to develop and commercialise pentosan polysulfate sodium for the treatment of pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders driven by injury, inflammation, ageing, degenerative disease, infection or genetic predisposition.

1:40pm AEDT

PainChek (ASX: PCK)

Philip Daffas - CEO

PainChek is an Australian based company that develops pain assessment technologies. PainChek Universal is a complete point-of-care solution that combines the existing PainChek® App with the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). This enables best-practice pain management for all residents living with pain in any environment — from those who cannot verbalise pain to those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two.

2:20pm AEDT

Robotic Surgery Evolution (Private)

Adam Clark - Managing Director & CEO

Robotic Surgery Evolution is a company providing real-life outcomes for surgeons and patients by disrupting, innovating and advancing robotic surgery training and procedures, globally. As well as training based on the latest simulation and VR technologies, the company is creating the world’s most advanced synthetic human organ models for surgical training.

17th Annual Bioshares Biotech Summit

Hobart, Tasmania - 24-25 July 2023

NWR is pleased to partner with Bioshares for the 17th Annual Bioshares Biotech Summit.

When: 24-25 July 2023
Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania

The Bioshares Biotech Summit was first held in Thredbo 2005 (2005-2010) as a turf-neutral event for biotech investors, CEOs and those servicing the sector to meet, discuss sector trends and hear from emerging biotech companies. It’s a high-level event that has become a feature of the biotech investment calendar in Australia as well as an excellent networking opportunity.

The Summit is held over two days and generally features 25 speakers together with special panel sessions. Presentations are generally structured around central themes to explore more in-depth business operations and challenges that are relevant across many companies in the sector.

First published in 2000, Bioshares is Australia’s leading biotech stock report. Bioshares delivers independent investment research to investors on Australian biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.